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People today are hungry for genuine spirituality; more often than not, the old religious practices no longer sustain them completely. It is not that these systems are in any way faulty; it is simply that their mythological basis may not be the best match for the spiritual needs of 21st-century seekers. As their daily lives are dominated by science and empiricism, these seekers need something real and tangible that will give their lives meaning and purpose. Providing for that need is WOW Publishings Pvt. Ltd.'s mission. Please feel free to browse here until you find the kind of books you're looking for. Our goal is to provide you with all the spiritual, holistic health, motivational and self-help titles you seek. We have titles in many different languages and by authors of various nationalities.

The world has much wisdom to offer, from many different sources. At WOW Publishings Pvt. Ltd. Books, we gather the best of those sources together into a unified whole.

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Doctor Yourself - Natural Healing That Works

Andrew Saul, Ph.D.
Andrew Saul has seen enough of this situation, and in Doctor Yourself, he gives you the power you need to change it. Citing numerous scientific studies, as well as case studies from his decades of practice...

रहस्यमय भारताचा शोध - गुरुप्राप्तीसाठी केलेले अनोखे कार्य

पॉल ब्रन्टन (Marathi Translation of - A Search in Secret India by Paul Brunton)
प्रत्येक मानवी जीवनात दैवी स्वरूप स्वत:ला व्यक्त करीत असतं; पण मानवाने त्याच्याकडे काणाडोळा केला, तर असा साक्षात्कार म्हणजे खडकाळ जमिनीत पेरलेलं बीज ठरेल, जे कधीच रुजत नाही.

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