About Us

About Us

WOW Publishings Pvt. Ltd. publishes books in the categories of Mind-Body-Spirit, holistic health, self-help, motivational bestsellers, fiction, biography and memoir, and spirituality.

Our authors represent the very best in the holistic spirituality/self-help genre. Among them are Sirshree, author of The Magic of Awakening: 111 Answers on Life and Living, his self-help classic The Source, and his authoritative volume on the topic of meditation, Complete Meditation: 222 Question and Answers.

We are dedicated to human uplift: in spirit, body and mind. We believe that a great deal of healing and wellness can occur just from the application of the correct beliefs. Why continue living in delusion and unhappiness when truth and joy are readily available? Our holistic spirituality titles help the postmodern seeker connect with the Self, thus fueling a journey of self-discovery and self-realization.

In the philosophy genre, we offer Sirshree’s philosophical works, such as his popular The One Above - What If God Were Your Neighbor? and the thought-provoking The Warrior’s Mirror.

We are interested in furthering the careers of excellent authors in the mind-body-spirit genre worldwide. Promoting human wholeness and fulfillment is our business. We invite you to thoroughly enjoy WOW Publishings Pvt. Ltd. Books.
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