The Magic of Awakening

The Magic of Awakening - 111 Answers on Life and Living

The Magic of Awakening
  • Published by: Penguin
  • ISBN: 978-01-4306-717-7
  • Paperback: 166 Pages

The Magic of Awakening

111 Answers on Life and Living

Author : Sirshree

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When questions arising from the heart are answered, they lead to wisdom. A thirst arises for seeking the answers to such questions and drives one to any extent to get them. How will one know that one has received the right answer? Only those answers that dispel the darkness of ignorance and awaken the questioner are true answers. The same answers coming from just any source with no conviction behind them are of no avail. It is akin to throwing a bullet at the target with one's bare hands. But when the answer comes from a source where the truth has been realised, the bullet gets fired from a gun, piercing the heart of ignorance, dispelling it altogether. Often the questions are not just answered but dissolved.

This book contains questions asked by seekers and the answers given directly by Sirshree Tejparkhi, an Enlightened Master. Many of the answers pierce so deep that one is forced to contemplate on them. This contemplation not only satisfies the thirst for knowledge but also throws light on hitherto unknown realms of the mind and ultimately takes one beyond the mind. The mind colours all that it perceives with its own bias and prejudices. It is only from beyond the mind that one is freed from this colouring and is endowed with the vision to see things as they truly are. This is transformation to the true perspective… towards final wisdom. The book has 111 questions and the answers to each dealt elaborately. Interspersed at regular intervals are points/questions from the master himself to contemplate on – thus teaching the reader the art of asking the right questions and inadvertently inculcating into the psyche of the reader the seemingly most difficult art of contemplation. The questions range from the mundane to the profound, from the level of a beginner to a practitioner on the path of truth. It is however the answer that is most important. The style is often unpredictable, thus breaking thought patterns and forcing the questioner and the reader to contemplate deeper on the answer and on many occasions questioning the validity of the question itself.

It is contemplation alone that elevates one to higher levels of clarity and knowledge, dissolving questions on the way. This is not just a question-answer book. It is a working guide on contemplation towards the highest purpose of human birth.
Sirshree’s spiritual quest which began during his childhood, led him on a journey through various schools of thought and meditation practices. The overpowering desire to attain the truth made him relinquish his teaching job. After a long period of contemplation, his spiritual quest culminated in the attainment of the ultimate truth. Sirshree says, "All paths that lead to the truth begin differently, but end in the same way—with understanding. Understanding is the whole thing. Listening to this understanding is enough to attain the truth."

This understanding begins with the mantra of acceptance. The mantra of acceptance is: ‘Can I accept this?’ symbolized by the mudra (gesture) portrayed above. Sirshree espouses that the understanding of truth is beyond personalities. Seekers of truth need to go beyond personality-worship and embrace the formless truth. Hence, instead of using photographs, the symbol of acceptance is used to represent Sirshree.

To disseminate the understanding of truth, Sirshree devised Tejgyan—a unique system for wisdom—that helps one to progress from self-help to self-realization. He has delivered more than 2000 discourses and written over 80 books. His books have been translated in more than ten languages and published by leading publishers such as Penguin Books, Hay House Publishers, Jaico Books, Yogi Impressions, etc. Sirshree’s retreats have transformed the lives of thousands and his teachings have inspired various social initiatives for raising global consciousness.
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