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About Us

WOW stands for World of Wisdom. We remain committed being a conduit to the worlds’ best content focused on the upliftment of human consciousness.

Books are published in the categories of mind-body-spirit, holistic health, self-help and motivation, inspirational biographies and memoirs, and spirituality.

Apart from being the most prominent publishers of Sirshree’s best selling books like The Magic of Awakening, The Source, Vichar Niyam (translates as – laws of thought) and other authoritative volumes on topics of core spirituality and meditation, WOW also publishes various international best sellers in the Hindi and Marathi languages.

Among the best sellers published are: The Power of Habit (in Hindi) by Charles Duhigg, How To Enjoy Your Life And Your Job (in Hindi) by Dale Carnegie, The Four Agreements (in Hindi) by Don Miguel, Man's Search for the Meaning (in Hindi) by Viktor Frankl and popular classics of Paul Brunton in Marathi like A Search in Secret India.

WOW shall remain committed to books and content solely focused on the upliftment of human consciousness.