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Writing for WOW Books

Are you an author of books in one or more of our genres? If so, we want to read your work! Part of our mission at WOW Publishings Pvt. Ltd. Books is to promote the careers of the very best writers in the genres we publish. Here are our genres and the submission guidelines you need to follow to be published at WOW Publishings Pvt. Ltd.

  • We publish only Mind-Body-Spirit, Philosophy and holistic spirituality books. Your books can be of fiction, nonfiction or biographical under this category. We do not accept textbooks, technical/scientific research monographs and papers, or medical manuscripts.
  • Your submission should include:
    • Cover letter;
    • Book synopsis;
    • Author bio;
    • Any relevant expertise, qualifications, and experience; and,
    • The first three chapters of the manuscript.
  • Please send your manuscripts or sample chapters only via email to Manuscripts sent on CD, floppy disk, or via post will be discarded. We will reply within three to six months; please be patient. If you have not received a reply within six months, send an email to Please do NOT re-submit your manuscript unless asked to.
  • If your manuscript is approved, we will send you an email to discuss the terms and conditions of publishing your work. If changes to the manuscript are required, we will provide a specific timeline within which those changes must be completed and the manuscript re-submitted. The author will sign a standard publishing agreement with WOW Publishings Pvt. Ltd. Books.
  • If your manuscript is not approved, we will send you an email to that effect. Please do not resend a book proposal once it is rejected. WOW Publishings Pvt. Ltd. cannot provide feedback on a rejected manuscript.